Touring Europe with Julian is completely unique because of the flexibility and custom nature of the adventure!


The itinerary is different every time, but every trip has a “local” feel to it.


The concept of each trip is based in wine and food; and as such, the tours focus on specific wine regions. If you want to see the Eiffel Tower and Paris or see the Vatican and Rome, that’s not generally on our list of things to do. 


The cost of each trip is designed for the working person. While luxury is available, we eat generally with the “locals” in the hole-in-the-wall, but we always drink REAL wine.


There are NO BUSES and NO GENERIC, BULK OR MASS-PRODUCED FOODS OR WINES. We are professionals, not tourists!


We don’t often stay in hotels, but castles, villas, houses and agriturismi — we actually stayed at a house with chickens in the yard!


We eat snails, frog legs, pork tartar and meat cooked on an open fire right in front of you or carved right off the bone.


We visit the boulangerie/bäckerei, grocery stores, farmer’s markets and all the traditional and local standards. If we are lucky, we will find a village-wide Brocant (France) where one can find great souvenirs at garage-sale prices!



1. I am not a travel agent. You will book your own flights and cars. I will advise you.

2. I am not a 24-hour tour guide. I am an experienced traveler who will advise you and make your trip easier, cheaper and more memorable!

3. Appointments listed on any itinerary are not guaranteed. The appointments listed are most often established business contacts, but sometimes there are new contacts. None of the appointments are confirmed until AFTER the deposit deadline closes. Because of their boutique nature, many houses I visit have limits for the number of visitors, both high and low. There are also times that the host is not available at the time we need to visit or just needs to cancel at the last minute.

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