40 days in France, Germany and Italy!

2012MAR14: I start with a few days in Champagne to see Bernard and gorge myself on oysters from Normandy. I missed him on the 2011 trip because we got to Reims too late for oyster season!

14-16MAR: Some Champagne visits, a visit to the Museum of the Surrender in Reims and a stop at our favorite antique dealer.
SATURDAY, we will swing over to Domrémy-la-Pucelle, the birthplace of Jeanne d’Arc. As always, we try to visit historical landmarks when we can. 2012 marks the 600th anniversary of the birth of Joan of Arc. So we will stop here and later in Orleans. We will also be doing a Castle sweep this year, visiting at least 6 of France’s stone fortresses, including the Chambord.

2012MAR17-24: 7 days in BEAUNE for Professionals only: 16 events in 5 days with a few private appointments.

SUNDAY: We will have a pre-GJB dinner at Auberge du Vieux Vigneron to kick off the event. BYOB.

MONDAY: Les Portes d’Or de la Bourgogne / BIVB Chablis Grand Auxerrois
hours: 9-5
Lunch: noon-3
Exhibitors 106

TUESDAY: Nuits d’Antan
hours: 9-5
Lunch: 11h30-14h00
Exhibitors 40

TUESDAY: De Chambolle à Morey 
hours: 9-5
Lunch: noon-2
Exhibitors 50

TUESDAY: Vosne Millésime – Noblesse des Clos Vougeot 
hours: 9-5
Lunch: noon-2
Exhibitors 55

TUESDAY: Joyaux en Côte de Nuits / Maison de Marsannay Route des Grands Crus 21160 MARSANNAY-LA-CÔTE
hours: 9-5
Lunch: noon-2
Exhibitors 60

Symphonie Mâconnaise, L’Autre Bourgogne, Quinté Sens and Beaune Couleurs Vins
hours: 10-6
Lunch: 12-3
Exhibitors 80

THURSDAY: Au Coeur de la Bourgogne 
hours: 10-6
Lunch: 11-3
Exhibitors 320

FRIDAY: Salon des Jeunes Talents
hours: 9-5
Lunch: 12-3
Exhibitors 50

FRIDAY: Terroirs de Corton
hours: 10-6
Lunch: 10-6
Exhibitors 62

FRIDAY: Pommard rime avec Art
hours: 10-6
Lunch: 12-3
Exhibitors 40

FRIDAY: Trio inédit en Côte de Beaune: VOLNAY, AUXEY, MEUR
hours: 10-6
Lunch: 12-2
Exhibitors 90

FRIDAY: Des Maranges au Montrachet par Santenay et Saint-Aubin
hours: 10-6
Lunch: 12-3
Exhibitors 80

A quick visit to ALSACE, then into 7 regions of Germany:

SUNDAY, MAR25, we are commuting and have free time in BESANÇON and then dinner in MULHOUSE.

MONDAY, we leave MULHOUSE and visit Schlumberger, Albrecht and Weinbach on our way to beautiful STUTTGART, regretting that we only have one night to eat there.

TUESDAY, we drive to PFALZ with 3 visits on the way:
—WÜRTTEMBERG (Rainer Schnaitman and Graf Adelman) 
Late Lunch
—BADEN (Weingut Reichsgraf und Marquis zu Hoensbroech)
—PFALZ (Burklin-Wolf) 
We are guests of Burklin-Wolf for the evening.

WEDNESDAY, from Pfalz:
—RHEINHESSEN (Gunderloch)
—RHEINGAU (Robert Weil and ???)
Drive to Bingen am Rhein.

—NAHE (Diel)
—NAHE (Dr. Crussius and Dönnhoff)

FRIDAY, from BINGEN, driving to LIESER:
—MOSEL (JJ Prum and Dr. Loosen)

SATURDAY, from LIESER, is free and we tour TRIER.
Breakfast at ALTES KELTERHAUS for waffles and Pork Tartare
—MOSEL (Karthäuserhof)
Tour Trier

SUNDAY, APR01 we drive to Bastogne to visit the 101 Airborne Museum and the Château Fort de Sedan.

Champagne for 5 days tasting in all the major regions.

—EPERNAY & MARIEL-SUR-AY & CHOUILLY(Gosset, Gattinois, Philipponnat and Legras)

—AY & CRAMANT & AVIZE (Goutorbe, Bonnaire and De Sousa)

—CHIGNY & VILLERS-MARMERY & EPERNAY (J Lasalle, Margaine and Jacquinot)

—CUIS & MESNIL-SUR-OGER (Pierre Gimmonnet, Robert Moncuit and Pierre Moncuit)

—MESNIL-SUR-OGER (Pierre Peters, Claude Cazals, Salon/Delamotte and Guy Charlemagne)

We next travel to Loire with a quick visit to the Palace at Versailles on Saturday, staying in Orleans APR07.

Maison de Jeanne d’Arc
Castle Chambord
Cheverny Castle

09APR is Easter Monday, which is the day on which the French celebrate Easter. This will be a casual day of Castle tours.
Château de Chenonceau
Château d’Azay-le-Rideau
Château de Villandry

5 days in BOURGUEIL (APR08-12, Sunday-Wednesday)
SAVINIERRES (Baumard, Joly)

CHINON (Joguet, Baudry)

BOURGUEIL (Yannick Amirault, Catherine & Pierre Breton and Domaine de la Butte)

VOUVRAY (Domaine Huet, François Chidaine and François Pinon), and spending the night in VIERZON.

SANCERRE and POUILLY FUME with a goat cheese stop in CHAVIGNOL.
(Henri Bourgeois, Pascal Jolivet and Didier Dagueneau) and resting in QUAI DE LOIRE (and another killer restaurant!)

Saturday, 14 APR, I return the car to CDG and Fly to Rome. Screw the EU Trains. For those of us in the wine industry, the trains are absurd. I can’t tell you how much time I wasted trying to arrange a train from Paris to Rome.

Drive up to Perugia to stay with my friend Giulia Luccioli —

Sunday, 15th: 5 hours up to Portogruaro. If I arrive early, this location will allow me to pop over to venice. Otherwise, it's an hour to Bastianich.

Monday: Bastianich, Felluga and Rocca bernardo (Friuli). After a quick fill up in Slovenia (gas is about 2€/l in Italy and closer to 1.3-1.4€ in Slovenia -- times 60 liters)  I drive to Verona’s Villa Dorama for the night.

Tuesday: Allegrini (Veneto) then 1.5 hours up to Tiefenbrunner and Alois Lageder (Alto Adige). Villa Dorama for the night.

Wednesday: Drive to Erbusco for bubbly houses Antica Fratta and Berlucchi. Drive 1.5hrs to Milan and pick up Giulia, then 2 hours down to Serralunga to taste with Davide Rosso (Giovani Rosso). We will stay at Rivetto's farm house. Dinner with Nadia Curto at Dulcis Vitis in Alba.

Thursday: Rivetto, Lunch with Chiarra Boschis (E. Pira), Scavino and Dante Rivetti. Back to Rivetto for the night. Dinner at Centro Storico.

Friday, 20th: Giacosa, Altare and Curto.

Saturday: Drive down to Portofino on our way to Villa Casagrande, located in Figline Valdarno, Florence. Dinner with owner Simone and his wife, Fatiha.

Sunday: Return Perugia, visit Marche and taste Borgo Paglianetto, Tenuta dell'Ugolino and Madonnabruna

Monday: Montalcino -- Prima Donna, Casanova di Neri (yum!) and Banfi.

Tuesday: Umbria. Arnaldo Caprai and Romanelli.

Wed, 25th: Fly out of FCO at 11h00


Estimated costs: Lodging is cheap, dining is excellent (but cheap), and freedom is yours: there are no busses on my tours!

Consider $2500-3000/person for one week (total with airfare), $4-4500 for two weeks (no airfare cost for 2nd week).

Contact me for extensive details!


To revisit the numbers: I spent about $5650 on food, gas, tolls and bottles, etc. plus $2000 in airfare ($900 LAS-CDG and back from FCO, $800 LAS to CDG and $250 CDG to FCO) and about $1100 for cars ($800 and $300). $8700 for 2 people for 30 and 10 days alone -- Pretty good, if I do say so myself! That's less than $1000/week/person. 


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