The WITV Blog is usually more about the travel experience than specific tasting notes about specific wines from specific wineries (which one can get from better palates than mine) or detailed restaurant reviews, most of which are on TripAdvisor under "hoohoolian."







Luxury Flights

What it's like to move up into business or First Class...







 23 days in Italy



6 Days in Piemonte

Part 2

 May 5, 2013


Sunday: A day of leisure; today will be different…


Just one appointment, that’s all; 9h30 with Prunotto. Oh, now they’ve invited us to lunch too, how nice! We got back to Rivetto at 17h30. It’s a good thing that Kara and Dale didn’t wait for us to go to Turin (which they hated!)



6 Days in Piemonte

Part 1

April 29, 2013

Thursday: On to Piemonte. A scheduling snafu changed our day quite a bit. Originally, we were going to visit Tommaso Bussola and Zýmē (zi-May) then stop in Asti on the way to Sinio. However, Domenico Clerico had a problem with Friday’s appointment and needed to reschedule for today. Being able to visit Bussola and Zýmē at VinItaly, it made sense to cancel private visits to see one of the great Barolo producers. Unfortunately, this also screwed up the driving that I had so carefully planned out. Now I must drive past Asti and Sinio to Monforte d'Alba and then go back past Sinio all the way up to Asti before coming back to Sinio. This amounts to a bonus 2 hours of driving.



Salumi and Salame

April 25, 2013

As I mentioned in the previous blog: Salumi is the product family that includes salame: all Salami are Salumi, but not all Salumi are Salami. Salami are made of ground meat and Salumi are made from whole pieces that are not ground. Here is a look at some salami one might find in Italy:



Salumi, not Salami

April 21, 2013


Italian Cured Meats: Salumi is not a term that is heard often outside Italy, yet many of these products are found in specialty shops, Italian delicatessens and are used by cooks the world over. Some examples, like Prosciutto need no introduction while others are not usually seen outside the mother country. Salumi is a large family of high-quality cured meats that go beyond Italy’s famous hams, lending their flavors to terrific appetizers as well as main courses.



Impressions of VinItaly

April 19, 2013


This is a massive wine event. A reported 4,255 exhibitors from 24 countries on a convention area of over 1 million square feet (That’s over 1700 football fields!) were at VinItaly in 2012. In contrast, ProWein reports 4,783 exhibitors from 48 countries on the same amount of floor space in 2013. VinItaly is 90-95% Italian wines; ProWein is far more diverse – I estimate that no one country holds 15% of the booths. Interestingly, VinItaly draws more international visitors: 48,544 (total 140,655 in 2012) to 44,000 (total N/A for 2013) despite the absurd chaos that is VinItaly. 



Before VinItaly

April15, 2013

I'm up since 4am again. Only about 17 hours of sleep in the last 96! Lufthansa 747 economy very hard place to sleep! Additionally:  the food was awful but staff was cool. Our 4 bags were among first 10 onto the carousel -- which was brilliantly done-up like a roulette wheel. Why doesn't LAS do that? Advice for people flying into VCE: book window seat on right side of plane for best view! The planes land flying north between islands and mainland.


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